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SoftCircuits-India (SCI) is a software development company located in Chennai, India. SoftCircuits-India (SCI) provides software development support for secure, high-performance, web-based applications. Our custom software solutions cater to online data collection, data processing, analysis, document management, online signing, online reporting and business intelligence. Using cutting edge tools, the team at SoftCircuits-India (SCI) has so far developed dynamic (database driven) web applications, portals, web sites, high-end data processing engines and web-based reporting software for the following:

We are proud to say that we are one of the leading software companies in India. Our solutions are reliable and user-friendly. Our team follows standard software development processes and as a result we are able to stick to timelines and schedules of clients. During the past several years, SoftCircuits-India (SCI) has developed long term business association with many of our clients.

For start-up / small businesses, as a web site development company, we help create web sites from scratch and help them maintain web presence. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ideas have propelled our clients' sites to top positions in major search engines.

Depending on your needs, SoftCircuits-India (SCI) provides offshore and onsite software development support at competitive rates with the best-in-class software professionals. As a full service software company, if you Outsource Software Development, SoftCircuits-India (SCI) can take your business one step further with its web site design and software development capabilites.

Domain Expertise

SoftCircuits-India (SCI) has expertise in developing software in the following areas / domains.

  • E-commerce
  • Document preparation, Management
  • Realestate / Mortgage
  • Health care & Training
  • Procurement and Distribution
  • HR - attendance & leave processing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Computer - telephony / IVR



SoftCircuits-India (SCI) have been an absolute joy to work with. They are easy to communicate with. They turned my ideas into a real working application quickly. The turn around time for many revisions and changes was not days or weeks but hours. I will definitely continue to use this team.

Michael Kaiser RN
President / CEO,
People's Care, Inc., CA

Expect good communication, quick service, guaranteed attention to details and value for money.

Outsource your work here.

Craig Figtree

"Really good. You exceeded my expectations and you have great communication and consulting skills outside of your development skills".

Joseph Kent
Real World Learning

Watching online my father's spine operation was amazing, using your video conference software.

Right from registering to website of Dr. Rohidas Srinivas and then seeing the live feed is very user friendly. All the relevant things were there right in front of live feed of Operation Theatre and Scanner and a chat window to clarify any doubt.

Rohit Bansal

Paper-less offices use our software to allow users to e-sign documents online ...

Mobile software can be developed using different platforms and languages ...

Generate database-driven document on-the-fly, from any where, any time ...

Based on our research we have come up with SEO ideas and helped our clients' web sites achieve good ranks ...

Using Speech servers we have developed computer-telephony applications for ...

Using the full-text search (Lucene) API we have developed applications ...

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